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McCall's 3830 Red Heart Skirt Inspired by Christopher Kane PreSpring 2016 Collection

"Hurry up! It's cold out here," I exclaimed to my photographer/hubby as we attempted to get shots of this skirt for a post on the now defunct Hancock Fabrics' blog The Stitch .  "Just pretend that it's hot and humid outside," he replied.  Yea, that didn't work very well. If we had shot video you would see me shivering.  Rest assured, it is not currently snowing in Minnesota in July.  These pics were taken last winter before Hancock Fabrics announced their bankruptcy (in February 2016).  I had signed on to be a sewing blogger for the company, but new blog posts from contributors were put on hold soon after the announcement.  Hubby wanted to take pics outside for the natural light, but my goodness it was cold that day!  He kept cracking jokes which made for a lot of funny outtakes.  My inspiration for the red heart skirt came from the Christopher Kane Pre-Spring 2016 collection. I recreated my version using McCall’s 3830 , one of my favo