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Vogue 2912 - A Border Print Skirt from a 1992 Calvin Klein pattern

This black and white cotton border print skirt is one I sewed in 2013.  The fabric was purchased in 2012 from Denver Fabrics (now Colorado Fabrics) when I vacationed in Colorado (and visited the lovely ladies at the Sew News offices).  The pattern is a Calvin Klein design, Vogue 2912, from 1992.  The fullness of the skirt comes from multiple tiny tucks and minimal gathers at the waist. Since I was using a border print I  needed to determine the finished length of the skirt before cutting the fabric.  As you can see, I did have to shorten this pattern quite a bit.  In retrospect, I wish I had shortened it more so that it would hit at my knee, not below.  I have this picture in my files of the skirt pattern with the tucks pinned, but now that a few years have passed, I don't recall why I needed to pin everything before cutting the fabric. I marked all those tiny tucks with tailor's tacks. Pretty? No. But functional and much easier for me to make accurate t