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One last skirt for the Hundred Skirt Project

Ladybug Ladybug skirt Originally uploaded by Sharon Sews Just one more skirt for the Hundred Skirt Project. I figured as long as I had an extra tee-shirt I might as well whip up another skirt. This skirt is Ladybug, Ladybug , in a size 12, green and pink cotton print from Joann's, with a green and pink striped grosgrain ribbon accent near the hem. Now I really am done as these need to get to the post office to meet Charity's deadline.

100 Skirt Project Update

So call me a L-O-S-E-R. It's okay. No, seriously - it's okay. But just today okay? And why do I say it's okay to call me a loser today? Because a few days ago, when I was attempting to make some sense out of the mess I fondly call my sewing studio, I came across a bag with some unfinished sewing projects tucked inside. That in itself isn't a big deal. After all, I have a bit of a reputation for beginning projects, getting bored, and moving onto the next one and forgetting all about the previous one. But this time I discovered the skirts and tees I had PROMISED to send to Charity as part of her Hundred Skirt Project! As I pulled the items out of the bag it all came rushing back to me. I had run out of elastic with only two skirts left to finish. I tucked them neatly into the bag with plans to purchase more elastic that weekend. Except that the bag somehow ended up packed away with fabric and I soon forgot about it. Well, I'm happy to report that I had purchase

Christmas 2008 Flannel Pajama gifts - DONE!

Christmas 2008 Flannel Pajama gifts Originally uploaded by Sharon Sews Did you hear that shout of joy? That was just me...a very happy me. Very happy to be able to be done sewing the little flannel pajamas for this year. Not that I don't love sewing gifts. And these certainly are not difficult to sew. It's just that I do get a bit bored sewing the same thing, over and over and over. Even with production sewing (same color thread, sew all the same seams at the same time, press at the same time, etc.) it gets monotonous after awhile. In addition to my favorite New Look pattern, I ended up using a vintage 1988 boy's pattern for the white and red pjs shown. Just for a change of pace. I had picked it up for a whopping 30 cents from a thrift store at the same time I had found that fabulous Vintage Vogue pattern I posted on my pattern blog. There was not quite 1/2 yard left over from most of these so I also whipped up a couple of little flannel pillows using the left-over fabric