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Am I blue? Another Simplicity 2599 top

Nah, I'm not blue. I'm actually loving this color blue.  Although the photograph doesn't show off it's true blue beauty. It's another Simplicity 2599 pullover top.  The last version was my " everything's coming up roses " top sewn in January. This time around, I eliminated the center back neck slit as well as the neck facing.  Although I must admit I mindlessly cut out, interfaced and sewed the neck facing to the top before I realized what an awful idea that was.  Especially with the top edge of that upper ruffle sewn into the seam.  Yikes! I topped and exclaimed loudly " wait a minute...that looks like crap! " Immediately followed by " Oh silly...why didn't you finish the neck edge with a bias binding like the armholes? " And yes, I really do talk out loud to myself whilst sewing by myself.  Don't you? I carefully unstitched the facing, removed it from the neck edge and tossed it.  Fortunately I had enough fabri