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When words are more than just words

The lights are dim and the music's thumping as she enters the building.  She works her way through the crowds tightly clutching the hand of her date.  Excitement builds as they wind their way to the dance floor.  She smiles knowing the DJ will play their favorite tune and they'll soon be dancing the night away.  Bonus! She's wearing her a new pair of strappy high heeled sandals and she knows they looks good. They stop as the couple in front of them  pauses to sip drinks and survey the dance floor. While they're waiting she sees a woman point at her feet.  She sees the woman whisper something to her friend and thinks they must be admiring her new shoes.  Until they both burst out laughing and declare loudly "look at her ugly feet!" and walk away still giggling. Suddenly she no longer feels like dancing. She feels embarrassed. As if everyone in that crowded bar was laughing at her feet.  She stays seated most of the night with her feet tucked beneath her c

Sewing Pinspiration

Pinterest   Just reading the name makes your heart beat a little faster doesn't it?  {grin} Seven months ago I asked if you were using Pinterest on my post " Do You Pin? ".   Most of you were.  Or were planning to start. I'm thinking a whole lotta folks discovered it in the past few months because new pins, repins and likes seem to have exploded with activity. It's so addictive that I try hard to limit my time to a few hours and only on the weekends.  I was reading an article today " Pinterest draws interest online "  and it mentioned that the site is "dominated by home decor, fashion, food and crafts" .  Um, yea.  That's what I use it for. How about you? I pin a lot of things I may want to sew. Like this Michael Kors skirt I pinned .    Only $1,195 at Neiman Marcus.  Use Simplicity 5259 and sew one yourself.  Add a waistband if you want a more exact look.   I pinned another Michael Kors item.   This time a   - this time

A big sigh of relifef- she's back

Who's back?  My little broken Pfaff machine, that's who.   She had to visit the sewing doctor a few weeks ago.  See those looped stitches?  That was what she was doing.  Nothing I did could coax her into sewing properly. As happy as I was to have another machine on hand - my Elna 8000 -  I sure did miss her IDT and a whole lot of other features. I never realized often I used the needle down function until I didn't have it easily available.  I can't even tell you how often I found myself backstitching when I didn't mean to.  And vice versa. My Elna's backstitch function is located in a different spot than the Pfaff. Now I can get back to work on my Vogue 8744 dress. ****************************************************