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Vogue 9109 A "CustomFit" Easy-to-Sew Pullover Top

Vogue 9109 is a basic, pullover top pattern designed for woven fabrics. The pattern is one of Vogue's "Custom Fit" designs that offers separate pattern pieces for A,B,C, and D cups.   Because I've done so many FBA pattern alterations over the years, I don't typically purchase the "Custom Fit" patterns with the intent of using the specific cup pattern piece.  However, my curiosity got the best of me and this time I decided to stitch the top using the "D" cup piece.  That is one big dart!  Since I wanted to test the fit - and the D cup dart - I went ahead and stitched this up using a polyester print that I'd picked up for just this purpose. I made no alterations to the pattern, with the exception of widening the shoulder in case the top ended up wearable. It was almost impossible to eliminate a dimple at the end of the dart. I manipulated the dart over a pressing ham and lightly steamed it with my iron until it was wearable. However,