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Pink poodles tote from Vogue 7563

The second tote from Vogue 7563 is completed. I posted photos of the sunflower tote the other day. The second version is also made from home dec fabric. This time in a bright pink with poodles scattered all over. Reminds me a bit of a 50s Paris theme. I used the same black and white check as accents as well as the same white home dec fabric for the lining. This time I added a beaded trim underneath the bias binding on the pockets and at a portion of the top edge of the bag. I used a zipper foot to secure the bias binding, stitching slowly and as close as possible to the beaded trim. On this bag I secured the inside pocket to the lining before adding the lining to the purse. The inside pocket on the previous version was only attached at the top of the pocket to the facing. I think the pocket will be more useful if it is secured in place. And here is the finished tote! Shhh! Don't tell Sophia that the dogs on the bag are poodles, not Maltese....

Knit-Out 2007 at the Mall of America

I vaguely remember my grandmother showing me how to knit when I was young - six or seven years old - but once I was introduced to sewing, well what can I say. Knitting was left behind and forgotten. Perhaps it is time to pick up the knitting needles once again. The people I've spoken to who knit find it to be an incredibly enjoyable hobby. And some of the knitted creations I've seen on knitter's blogs are fantastic! So when one of my girlfriend's mentioned that she and her eight year old daughter were planning on attending the Knit Out and Crochet event at the Mall of America this weekend I made a decision to check out the festivities myself. There is a wide variety of knitting and crochet activities planned through out the day and the best part is the cost - free! I will definitely try and get to the free knitting and crochet lessons described as "beginner one-on-one knitting and crochet lessons in a relaxed, informal setting. Take home instructions, yarn, ne

Sewing a tote from pattern Vogue 7563

Vogue 7563 has been tucked into a plastic storage box for a year or so along with a piece of pink home dec fabric sprinkled with black and white poodles. With the stash reduction contest underway at Patternreview , it seemed like a good time to sew up this tote. While I was at it, I decided to make another one for a bag swap I joined. I pulled out numerous fabric combinations, and settled on a black/white /yellow because 1) the main fabrics were home dec, 2) after days and days of sub zero weather I am eagerly awaiting spring and these flowers remind me of springtime. After cutting out all of the pieces, I fused a heavyweight craft interfacing to the front, back and side panels. Instead of turning the bias binding under 1/4" on one long edge and burning my fingertips in an attempt to iron it in place, I used a clover bias tape maker. If you haven't used them before you really should try them out. It is so easy to make bias tape with this tool! You just cut your bias strips