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Dancing with my red shoes on

New red twirly skirt - check Red shoes - check White top with sequins - check Someplace to go - uh, nope All dressed up and no where to go. No place to twirl in my new red skirt. So I did the next best thing. Set my camera on the table and twirled and twirled and twirled to see what the camera would catch. Sophia decided it looked like fun so she joined me in a few shots. That was fun! You should try it sometime! Now, let me quickly review this skirt pattern for you. The skirt was sewn using McCall's 5274. The construction wasn't complicated at all. The skirt consists of eight panels with a godet sewn in between each panel - like the skirt section of the dress from Simplicity 3877. As usual, I substituted an invisible zipper in place of the centered zipper application. It might not have been the best idea this time because of how high the godets are on this skirt. An invisible zipper needs to be sewn in place before finishing the seam and that was almost impossible with this