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Make it Mine magazine winners are...

The random integer generator gave me numbers 14 - TwilaO ( The Amazing Mrs. O ), 6 - Stacy ( Stacy Sews ), and 3 - Kasizzle . I'll send each of you an email so I can get your mailing address and get the magazines out to you right away. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I am. Thanks to everyone who left a comment. Some of your blogs were new to me so I've found some new blogs to visit, which I will be doing this week while my sewing machines are being repaired.

The Sharon recipe - a bit of fun mixed on high

Sewing update No sewing going on in this household as I haven't yet had time to get my broken sewing machine to the dealer for repair. Today was the day I was going to do that, but I had forgotten that I made plans spend time with two of my sisters after my morning face painting gig. The dealer's store is on the other side of town from where I'll be meeting with my sisters so the machine will just have to wait. Sharon recipe In the meantime, to amuse myself, I took this completely useless (but fun) personality quiz that I first saw on this blog . sharon - 1 1/2 cups of trustworthiness - 2 teaspoons of seduction - 1/4 cup of fun Mix on high, and serve immediately. 'What is your personality recipe?' at Not sure how seduction, trustworthiness and fun blend together, but it sounds pretty interesting doesn't it? Besides it's a online quiz so it must be extremely accurate, right? LOL Patternaholic blog By the way, if you like viewing vintage and

Tired woman? Yes. Wonder woman? No

I certainly don't think of myself as a wonder woman. A tired woman - yes, a wonder woman - no. But my sweet friend Stacey does and she passed on the Wonder Woman award to me. I'm a bit slow in actually placing it on my blog as she passed it along a few weeks ago - Halloween to be exact. She says I'm her favorite seamstress/clown/dancing librarian/puppy momma. Ah shucks, ain't she sweet? And to set the record straight. I'm not really a librarian...I just coordinate a library book cart drill team so we can amaze crowds with our cart twirling abilities while wearing tiaras and long gowns. Maybe I'll work in a Wonder Woman costume into next year's performance! I think the part of my life when I most felt like wonder woman was when I was a young single mom. It was all of that juggling of schedules, and homework, and cooking, and cleaning, and entertaining, and just being a mom, along with a full time job that somehow was completed on a daily basis. Not always

A Dress A Day announces new wiki dedicated to vintage sewing patterns

Did you all see the post at A Dress A Day about the new Vintage Sewing Pattern wiki? This is such a cool idea. I've heard of wiki's but haven't edited anything on them. So of course I had to try it out! I posted a vintage pattern from my disco days on the wiki just to try it out. Hope I didn't mess anything up! If you haven't checked it out yet - get on over there !

Make it Mine magazine giveaway

I just knew all of you would understand my need to cry over my broken machines! Since I can't sew I'll be busy deciding which projects I want to make from the new magazine, Make it Mine . This is the new magazine I shared with you ago a few weeks ago (click here for post). The day after that post I received a nice email message from the publisher. They obviously could tell how excited I was to discover this new publication and offered to send me a complimentary copy of the first issue PLUS copies for me to give away! The good news: I have three copies to giveaway to you! (I already gave one away in addition to the one I kept for myself.) If you're interested all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. I'll do a random drawing (if more than three of you are interested) on Saturday. If you don't leave me your email address be sure to check back Saturday to see if you won. The bad news: As much as I hate to do this, for this giveaway I'll only be able

My machines are broken!

Did you all hear a cry of frustration about 9 p.m. CST? That was me. My almost one year old Pfaff 2056 sewing machine quit. Right in the middle of a project my Pfaff 2056 gave up. I finished sewing a seam. Placed my next seam in place, put the pressure foot down, pressed the foot pedal and the pressure foot went up and the machine "whined". I swear my sewing room must be jinxed as three weeks ago the foot pedal on my serger quit right in the middle of a project also. Now I'm hoping I can find time this week to get the machine to the repair shop so I can get back to sewing.