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And she's done! The Colette Meringue Skirt pattern review

The Colette Meringue Skirt from The Colette Sewing Handbook is completed and has passed the wear-to-the-office-all-day test.  She's a keeper.  Although I will make one minor tweak on this one. More about that later. Cutting Because I used a pinstripe, I choose to cut the skirt single layer.  But I decided that after tracing the pattern pieces. So I pinned the skirt to a single layer of fabric, placed pins along the fold line, cut out one half and flipped it over along the fold line using the pins as my guideline.   Maybe not perfect. But it worked.  Aw c' guys cheat sometimes too, don't you?  {wink} Zipper The book includes instructions for sewing an invisible zipper.  Since that's about all I ever put into my garments I didn't need to reference them. But if you're not sure about invisible zips that's a plus, right? The one thing I'd suggest that I didn't see included is to fuse strips of interfacing to the wrong side of your fab

The Colette Meringue Skirt - almost done

I present to you my first project from The Colette Sewing Handbook . The *almost* completed Meringue skirt. . Just a wee bit more hand-sewing left and then she's done. Oh, what's that? Will I be sewing this again? Why, yes.  As a matter of fact I plan to sew another in plaid. ******************************************