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SR Harris Fabric Outlet - just another fabric shopping trip

Can you stand yet another post on the infamous SR Harris Fabric Outlet? I only live about 40 miles from the fabric warehouse, which doesn't sound all that far. But, from where I live I need to drive through the heart of Minneapolis to reach the place and it can take me more than an hour. Doesn't sound so bad until you realize that you'll likely spend at least three hours inside shopping.  Add the commute time home and it's a five-hour ordeal.  I don't about you but my weekends are booked pretty solid and finding an extra five hours is difficult. That's why, when I had a full-day of a work training scheduled only five miles from the place I hightailed it over there at the end of the day's training.  I could either spend a few hours fighting my way home in rush our traffic or spend a few hours waiting for traffic to thin out enjoying myself at the fabric store.  I was looking for a few specific things this trip.  One was some appliques, which can be fo

Summer Breeze Skirt - Simplicity 1662

"My, don't you look colorful!"  I heard that comment twice today as I walked into the office wearing my Simplicity 1662 skirt.   Was it meant as a compliment? Maybe, maybe not.  Who cares? When the sun is shining and the temps are soaring, I enjoy wearing colorful skirts and dresses. This design is a hi low skirt with an elasticized waist. I sewed view B, a faux wrap, with the addition of a ruffle. I appreciate how much the front pieces cross over on this design.  When that summer breeze becomes a gust of wind you don't want to drop what is in your arms to quickly try and keep your skirt in place.  I also liked the separate casing for the waistline elastic. The fullness of the skirt, the addition of the ruffle and the soft fabric created the perfect combination allowing the skirt to swirl and float as I walked.  The fabric is a polyester print purchased at my local Hancock Fabrics in 2013.  In fact, I sewed this skirt within days of purchasing