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Stripey love - Burda Style 9/2011 108 tunic

This lovely striped knit tunic supposed to be my Oscar-inspired challenge over at The Sew Weekly.   Another challenge I missed. This time due to a stupid, stupid, stupid cold that just will not go away.  Sigh... I took the challenge in a different direction and decided to sew something with gold in the fabric in honor of the Oscar statuette instead of something inspired by an Oscar-nominated movie. I wish you could see this fabric in person as this photo doesn't show the hint of gold in the stripes. The fabric is from SR Harris and it's fabulous.  Lightweight, but not sheer, and soft, like butter.  The best part is that  I didn't have to dig through the stacks and stacks of fabric to find it. I was at the cutting table and the woman across from me was debating as to whether or not she was going to purchase it.  When she asked me what I thought I exclaimed " heck, yea you should buy it! And can I have the bolt when you're done ?"  She bought some - and I

Almost a win - the Vogue 2869 red skirt

I planned to kill two birds with one stone when I sewed this red skirt.  You see, I've been terrible about keeping up with The Sew Weekly challenges. As much as I used to think I was Superwoman and could do it all, I've gained a lot of wisdom as I age and well, life sometimes takes priority over sewing.  Can I get an amen? When I saw one challenge was to sew something red for Valentine's Day  and another was to sew a UFO I knew my little red skirt fit the bill. I had cut this baby out a few years ago and tucked it away when I discovered I didn't have any red thread.  Who does that? Not stock something as basic as red thread?  Me, apparently.   I went onto other projects waiting for a thread sale - because why pay full price if you don't have to, right? - and when I began sewing it again only to discover it was way too big.  By then I just wasn't that into it anymore so I folded it up and put it back in the closet.  Until a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately