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DIY ~ Valentine's Day Apron with Ruffles & Heart Applique Pockets ~ Sewing Tutorial

Sew your own ruffled half Apron with this easy to follow tutorial! The Apron features two ruffles, two Pockets with machine appliqued Hearts, and long Tie Ends making it adjustable for many sizes. This apron design looks so sweet in this Valentine themed fabric, but it would look great in any combination of fabrics! Prefer to watch how the Apron is put together? Click here to view my DIY video tutorial on YouTube that will walk you step-by-step on how to sew this adorable ruffled Apron. SUPPLIES Note: I used quilting cottons for my Apron. Apron Body: 42" x 18" - CUT 1 Upper Ruffle: 42" x 7" - CUT 2 Lower Ruffle: 42" x 7" - CUT 2 Pockets: 8" x 8" - CUT 4 (same fabric as Apron Body) Waistband: 26" x 5" - CUT 1 (same fabric as Apron Body) Tie Ends: 40" x 5" - CUT 2 (same fabric as Apron Body) Heart Appliques: 6" x 6" (2) for Large Hearts; 5" x 5" (2) for Small Hearts Thread - Coordinating to sew Apron Thread

Simplicity 9185 ~ An Asymmetric Knit Scarf Shawl

"Um, that's kind of weird" uttered my hubby as I donned my new shawl in preparation for a few photos.   While it's not exactly practical, I wouldn't call it weird :-)  Different for sure, but not weird.  So what is it exactly?  Simplicity 9185 is a pattern that includes a knit top, elastic waist pants, and this asymmetric scarf shawl.   Thanks to the Simplicity Instagram account , I was able to find an image from Pixie Market. It's no longer available for sale, but an Internet search brought up a couple (low quality) images. I'd be curious what fabric was used for this red one.  I rather like the shorter length, and I would not have thought about wrapping the long edges as they have shown.  For my version I used a very cheap sweater knit from Walmart. It was one of those precut bundles and cost a whopping $4 for two yards.  I wanted to test the fit of the shawl before investing in a higher quality knit. You'll need two yards of knit fabric and about an