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The Cape-Like Sleeve Top: Hot Patterns Deco Vibe Artemis Knit Top

This top technically doesn't have an attached cape (like my recent ones: the " Wonder Woman"cape top , and the Black Silk Cape top ), but when I wear it, the sleeves feel like I have on a mini-cape! The pattern is HP 1165, Hot Patterns Deco Vibe Artemis Knit Dress & Top, c. 2014.  I don't believe it's available for purchase from Hot Patterns any longer. I'm a member of their Facebook group and when the pattern was offered for sale earlier this year, I jumped on it. I planned on sewing the dress from a panel knit purchased from Emma One Sock , but wanted to test the fit first since I haven't sewn many of the Hot Patterns designs. The fabric is a sparkly medium-weight knit purchased locally at SR Harris Fabric Warehouse.  It was the perfect weight for this design. Any heavier and I think the sleeves wouldn't sit properly and the neck and hem band would be difficult to sew. The sleeves hang nicely with just enough drape and movement.  Somet