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Will sew for smiles and hugs - at least for this sweetie

Wouldn't YOU want to sew for her?   I don't have the opportunity to sew for little ones much so when Once Upon a Sewing Machine asked for volunteers to test their re-sized Peasant Dress I quickly sent off a request, thinking of sewing one for my great-niece (who turned three today - you'll get to see what I sewed for her in the next post). Turns  out the sizing wasn't quite right for my great-niece, so I immediately thought of my favorite little Miss O!  She's the daughter of one of my friends (and co-Zumba instructor) and an absolute delight to be around. I love sewing for Miss O -  I always get a big smile and hug when I make something for her.  Totally worth it!   The dress took me about 45 minutes to sew. I used an Amy Butler cotton print for the main portion, a fat quarter for the sleeves and pocket and 1/2 of a jelly roll for the pocket ruffle. Be sure to keep an eye on Once Upon A Time 's blog for the free downloadable pattern whi