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A change of stripes

Remember when I mentioned there were some "unexpected surprises sewing with this knit" when I shared my post detailing this Nieman-Marcus knock-off dress I sewed? The biggest unexpected surprise was that this lovely black and white knit was actually black with tiny white pinstripes bordering tiny sheer stripes. When the fabric was placed over the top of a facing for a turquoise jacket I'm working on, you can clearly see the outline of the facing. Pretty cool. Just not what I was expecting. I can't tell you how many times I went back and re-read the description of this fabric wondering how I could have missed something so critical as sheer stripes. I didn't miss it, it wasn't there. So....I had to make a decision. Find a way to work with it or renew my search for a black and white stripe knit. Hmmmm. As I hadn't had much luck up to this point I decided to line the knit Oops. Unexpected surprise number two! As I began to lay out the pattern pieces I spot