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DIY 1954 Children's Halloween Masks - do not try these at home

You seriously won't believe these DIY Halloween masks I came across in the October 1954 issue of The American Home magazine. I couldn't stop myself and started laughing when I saw them. "Are ya kiddin' me? " might be your reaction too. They're too hilarious not to share. Well, at least you're instructed to use fireproof crepe paper... A pony! What child doesn't love a pony? Of course if your child prefers flowers this daffodil mask might be the way to go. Or maybe they want to scare the neighbors as a ferocious lion! But wait! Maybe roses are more your thing. Lucky you - there are instructions to create a rose mask. And of course what would Halloween be without a pumpkin head? Really? Brown bags covering your child's head? Please do not actually make these masks. It reminds me of the Mad Men episode when Sally (Don and Betty's daughter for those of you who don't watch the show) comes running to the kitchen where Betty is having coffee

It's Done! Vogue 1183 - The Red Kay Unger Dress

The red Kay Unger dress - Vogue 1183 - is finally done. Actually it's been done for a few weeks now, I just haven't felt like putting a sleeveless dress on so I could take photographs. It's been cold here! Now I don't want to hear any of " oh, it's cold here got down to 70 "...or something like that. Just kidding. I only say that because I'm jealous. It's been cold enough that I seriously debated about whether or not to turn the heat on in the house. (I didn't by the way. Time enough for that soon enough. I just piled on more sweaters.) However, as I was switching my closet over from warm to cold weather attire, I thought I'd at least blog about the dress before it gets packed away. This baby likely won't see the light of day for another six month. So what can I say about the dress? Love the red color and the fabric - an RPL ponte knit from Fabric Mart Fabrics - is super comfy. Not quite as wonderful as I had envisioned