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Mini houndstooth skirt - Butterick 5566

Butterick 5566 Skirt Isn't she lovely? I spent a few hours sewing her last week. Butterick 5566 - I heart her.  ( image from ) I have plans to sew all of the views, but for my first one I choose to sew view A. The one with cool dart detail .  And did you notice that I even picked the same fabric as the cover illustration? Sometimes I amaze myself with my ability to think outside the box. Here's a closer look at those darts. There are three that radiate out from the waist in  different lengths - short, medium and long.  Also, that front piece is an overlay.  Here I'm demonstrating how NOT to sew the overlay . I had sewed the darts on the inside of the overlay and didn't realize it until I was ready to add the overlay to the skirt front. Oops! Back to the machine to rip out those gorgeous darts and resew them correctly. The bottom of the overlay is finished with a mitered corner .  The instructions for the mitered corners are not included with

Where to buy the top pattern Burda 7444

That seems to be the question of the day.  Well, at least the comment of the day for the post on that top.  It is a really cool top isn't it?  Anyway, what you really want to know is where can you buy a copy so you too can sew yourself the perfect top for walking out in style. All sizes are included in one envelope - from size 6 (32) to 18 (44).  Unlike the Burda pattern magazines the printed patterns do include seam allowances. The instructions are more detailed than what is included in the magazines.  I purchased my copy at a local Joann's just a few months ago.  Not only does Joann's carry Burda patterns, the price seems to always be 40% off of the list price.  I'm sure if you have any independently owned fabric stores in your area, but they would also be very likely to carry Burda patterns. I know Treadle Yard Goods , which is in my neck of the woods, carries Burda (as well as many other of the independent designer patterns). As far as internationally