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Vogue 8670: A Basic Black Top with a Touch of Faux Leather

Basic black. Mock turtleneck. Raglan sleeves.  Sounds a bit bland doesn't it? Perhaps. But it's just what was lacking in my winter wardrobe.  However, the added design detail of a right-side button closure and contrast faux leather cuffs kicks it up a notch.  The textured knit was in a Fabric Mart Fabrics bundle I had received free with purchase during one of their fabric sales. The pattern is Vogue 8670 (c. 2010).  I've sewn it a few times, and have it altered to fit thus the handwritten " Keep | FBA " note to myself.  Otherwise I'd likely toss the pattern during one of my "I have too much sewing stuff" phases!  The darts are the reason I originally choose this pattern as I find it  quicker to do an FBA when there is an existing dart on the pattern. That button closure along the right-side?  It's functional.  But it could simply be decorative if you only wanted to sew on buttons versus creating the placket.   The top can be sli

Butterick 5927: The Red Reptile Jacket aka the Late Jungle January Entry

I had every intention of stitching this as part of Pretty Grievances' annual Jungle January , but you know the saying about best laid plans...  Besides, if I had finished it in January the pictures would have been taken before I had a mid-winter tan from spending a week on the beach in Florida! I started the jacket on Jan. 13 (per my Instagram pic ) and finished it Feb. 19 (also per my Instagram ).  Not because this jacket  is difficult to sew, but because life got busy.   Let's talk about this FABULOUS fabric !  I purchased the fabric online from Emma One Sock in January 2014.  Described as "This smart and stylish brocade from Nicole Miller is fabulous (much more so in real life)! It's a medium-to-heavier suiting-weight, a tightly woven jacquard weave with a reflective sheen, and a reptile design in an iridescent weave of red and purple." She wasn't kidding - the fabric looks amazing in real life (and is very hard to photograph).  The jacket is vi