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Fancy Flouncy Striped Pants - McCall's 7786

These pants were one of the first items I sewed when I returned to sewing this past June after my major surgery. At the time I was still suffering from severe joint pain (which had not yet been diagnosed) and the sewing was very therapeutic for me. It took me a long time to sew things, but it helped me feel "normal". I choose the pattern because I thought the flounces along the lower sides and hem were fun, but the main reason was because they had a flat front with an elastic waist back. At the time I still didn't have enough strength or dexterity to use zippers or buttons. In fact, even pulling up the partial elastic waist pants was more of a struggle than I anticipated. This is one of those items that attracts attention when worn. They're just so different, and I think you either love them or hate them. No middle ground here. Obviously, I'm on the love side. In fact I plan to sew a pair out of a lightweight denim for fall. (Because temperatures are still in