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McCall's 7441 Drape-back Floral Knit Cardi

"My hubby's going to hate this one!"  That was my first thought as I held up and inspected my completed drape-back cardi from McCall's 7441.   That thought was immediately followed by "Who cares? I like it".   I've learned after nearly 20 years of marriage that our design aesthetics are almost polar opposites. I  simply wear things he really dislikes when I'm out with my girlfriends. This is one of those items. I suspect to some the back drape on this cardi may look odd, but it's what intrigued me enough to purchase the pattern, McCall's7441 .  The design is a simple-to-sew cardi with a draped back and optional hood. I'm between a small and a medium. I cut the medium so I wouldn't have to do an FBA (full bust adjustment). However,  I found the cardi was quite large on me in the neck/shoulder area. Like sloppy, keep-trying-to-pull-it-in-place, large. I tried to salvage it by removing the sleeves, cutting some fabric away in th