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McCalls 6797 - a easy to wear knit top with flare

Let me introduce you to my new fave go-to knit top: McCall's 6797 . It's a Palmer/Pletsch design that goes together so quickly you'll hardly spend any time sewing.  I sewed this one at the end of August thinking I'd be wear it once or twice before packing it away for the season, but I find myself pulling it out when I want something comfy and just bit dressier than your standard pullover. Let's talk construction.   As you can see from the photo it is an asymmetrical top with one wide sleeve and one long sleeve. The body and wide sleeve are cut in one and there are are only a few pattern pieces, a front and back, a sleeve and a neck band.  The fabric I used had and interesting repeat to and I had to think about my layout carefully. The pieces are cut single layer making it a bit easier to place patterns where I wanted them. Sewing, like I said, is simple.   The shoulder and upper sleeve seams are sewn together before adding the neck band.  The pattern