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Caribbean blue dreams jacket

Once upon a time, oh ... say 10 months ago , a Caribbean blue jacket was begun. It was quite excited to be created because the summer months had just begun and it knew it was the perfect coordinating piece for many items that were already hanging in the large walk-in closet. It dreamed of quickly becoming the favorite among the summer jackets and eagerly awaited the day the buttonhole and button would be added so it could be worn. Sadly, the beautiful Caribbean blue jacket spent the summer months hidden in the tiny sewing closet, along with all the other outfits that were anxiously awaiting completion. Soon summer gave way to autumn, and before long the cold winds were blowing and the snow was falling. Summer, along with it's bright, cheerful colors, was a distant memory. Until the other day, when I was wondering what I could wear on a day that finally held the promise of spring. That's when I spied it. My lovely blue jacket that had set aside because I'd been having tro

Sewing for Tiny Tots book review

I'd like to say that the title of this post reflects what I am currently sewing. However that is not the case. I actually don't have too many tiny tots around to sew for. Come to think of it, I don't even have one. ( This would be a great time to toss in a "hint, hint" to my kids if I thought they were reading ... hee! hee! ) It's actually the name of a book I purchased the other day at Joann Fabrics ( with my 4o% off coupon of course ). Knowing that I don't have tiny tots to sew for you may be wondering why in the world am I reviewing a book about sewing for little ones? Because you might have little ones to sew for and if you haven't yet discovered this book you'll want to check it out. This past weekend I stopped by Joann's to see if they had the new Vogue patterns in stock (they didn't ). While in the store, I decided to browse through the book selection to see if they had any interesting altered art or mixed-media books that I c

So how did I get into that magazine anyway?

First of all, let me say thanks to all of you for the kind words and congrats! I admit it. It was fun to be in a national magazine . So how in the world did they find me? It was one of those "in the right place at the right time" moments. I know, I know. It sounds so cliche. But seriously folks that's what it was. Last November I was browsing the Etsy forums and happened to read a posting about a reporter with First magazine looking to speak with someone who was using Etsy to clear clutter from their home. Now, if you have ever browsed the Etsy forums you know how quickly the conversations happen and how quickly the information scrolls from the front page. I just happened to look at the forums at the exact moment this was posted. I said to myself "shoot, your excess sewing patterns could certainly be considered clutter" and contacted the reporter via email. Gotta be honest here. It was purely selfish. I figured the publicity for my pattern shop could be g

May I have some more time please?

May I have some more time please? You see, the weekend has almost come to an end. And I have yet to spend a little quality one-on-one time with my sewing machine. Any why not you ask? Because last week, every night after work was booked, which meant no time to sew. And this weekend was just a continuation of more of the same: Saturday afternoon I was a volunteer face painter at Cheerful Giver's birthday bash at MOA . Which meant Saturday morning was spent preparing for the event. Lots of little ones stopped by and soon there were happy faces transformed into blue cats, pink butterflies, green snakes and even super heroes. Returning home of the event, I had just enough time to put away my supplies and grab a bite to eat before heading off to church. And of course we like to spend time socializing after church. Saturday night was date night. We kept it low key this weekend with pizza and a movie - at home. Sunday morning I was up bright and early putting on my clown face to v