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A Designer Skirt Inspiration Comes to Life for a #SewcialMashup Challenge

As I was browsing the Fall/Winter 2019/2020 Vogue Paris Collections magazine in late July, I marked a skirt I thought could be fun to recreate. Then on Aug. 1, a #sewcialmashup Instagram challenge was announced, challenging sewists to take two patterns and "mash" them together to create one look.That was the incentive I needed to try and recreate the skirt. Here's the skirt I sewed for the challenge.    It looks great coming ... ... and going! Here's a pic from the magazine. I found my inspiration skirt online at Neiman Marcus with a retail price of $5,790. Saint Laurent ruffle-tiered leather button-front skirt   Mine is not leather, nor did it cost me nearly that amount of money to create. I used a black designer techno knit from Fabric Mart Fabrics (almost like a double knit) making it more practical to wear (and clean). Black is so difficult for me to photograph, and I think you can see the skirt details better in this flay lay. This is wha

You Win Some, You Lose Some - McCall's 7727 Hi-Low Button Front Tunic

Before I begin, let me b e clear that this sewing fail is not because of the pattern.  I still love the design, the pieces were drafted correctly, and the instructions were clear. So why is this a fail for me? Let me explain. As soon as McCall's 7727 was released (2018) I knew I wanted to sew the tunic. I realize not everyone is a fan of the hi low hemline, but I like the look. I even had the perfect fabric already on hand! And so, in March 2018, I began sewing the top. The fabric proved to be quite challenging as it raveled easily.  I ended up sewing French seams, pressing them to one side, and top stitching them in place to help control the raveling. I can't remember why, but I sewed the entire tunic to the step where I needed to add the collar band and collar. I guess I got busy with work, and teaching fitness classes, and other sewing projects. However, I packed it with my sewing supplies when we moved. I unpacked it recently and decided it was time to complet