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Hurry, hurry! Be part of the next One Yard Wonders book

Love the One Yard Wonders book?  Yea, me too. Well, you may or may not know that there's a second One Yard Wonders book coming out next fall.  November 9 is the date its expected to hit the bookshelves. At least according to One Yard Wonders Facebook page. Here's the super exciting part.  Well, besides the fact that I have a project in this second One Yard Wonders book.  *big grin* They're looking for five bonus projects. Just like the first OYW book, Barnes and Noble will carry their own version which will include five extra projects. You have to hurry because the deadline for submissions is Friday, March 19.  I'm already working on my submission because let's face it. It's just plain fun to see your designs in print. Details here . *********************************

DIY - Lengthen curtains with fabric strips

Sometimes when you're decorating your home you find exactly what you're looking for.  The right style curtains: large grommets - check A great price: $7 each - check The perfect color: chocolate brown - check The correct length: oops - too short No problem.  I own a sewing machine, remember? Not only that but I just purchased home dec fabric to make pillows for that room that would work for lengthening the curtains.  Those too short curtains are the correct length in no time and custom-made for my decor.  Sophia's helping me show-off the new look. So how did I do it? Easy. 1) Determine how much length you need add. In my case it was 7".  2) Decide if you're going to add fabric to the bottom or insert fabric near the bottom. I'll let you in on a little secret - I choose to insert fabric strips was because I didn't want to re-hem the curtains.  3) Measure and make a mark where you want the fabric inserted.  In my case I cut off the bottom 12