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Ooooo, shiny! Metallic linen jacket sewn from Simplicity 2701

I love, love, love the first version of Simplicity 2701 that I sewed last March. (See blog post here .) I loved it so much so that I immediately cut out another to sew from a metallic linen purchased from Emma One Sock . And packed it away after realizing I didn't have matching thread or a button that would work. I mean, what do you choose when your fabric at times appears golden , other times pink, and yet other times burgundy? I ended up choosing burgundy thread as it blended in the best, but finding a button that worked took more time. I thought for sure I had found the perfect button at Treadle Yard Goods , but after bringing it home and placing it on the fabric I wasn't sure so I purchased another button at Joann's. Left button from Treadle Yard Goods, right button from Joann's Close up of button I ended up using the one from Joann's, which has an interesting design on it, but after seeing the jacket complete it doesn't work. First of all, it's too

Celebrate National Sewing Month with a free sewing eBook from

Love to sew? check Love pincushions, pillows and purses? check Love free patterns? check Then you'll want to head on over to FaveCrafts to download a free copy of their Sewing for Beginners eBook . Inside the 57 page eBook you'll find 20 sewing projects including pincushions, pillows, purses, bags, a jewelry pouch and an apron. There's even embellishment and home decor ideas. You might even find a name or two that you recognize, such as Stacy, from Stacy Sews , whose adorable felt donut pincushion is among the projects. While you're at FaveCrafts, be sure to browse the hundreds of free projects and tutorials. You just might be surprised at how quickly time flies while you're clicking link after link gathering great ideas. Since mixed media is another one of my fascinations, I'm going to try this enchanted picture frame project. Of course, while you're there don't forget to download the eBook. Did I mention it was free?

The Perfect Knit Dress take two - or - McCalls 5974 view D review

Everything I wrote about this dress pattern in my blog post yesterday still holds true. This really is a great knit dress. Fitting ease in the dress Before I begin, let me address a question. Vicki asked if this was the perfect knit dress why the ease issue? I responded to her in the comments, but it's a great question so I'll respond here also. I think this was designed to be a looser fitting knit dress. I say that based on the intro paragraph on the instruction sheets. Pati Palmer begins by writing about how her thin daughter can wear body-hugging knits, but she cannot. At the end of that paragraph Pati Palmer says "And, if you follow our fit instructions, you will make the dress loose enough to also help you in the camouflage department!" Again, I think ease is a personal preference. Some might sew this dress in their "normal" size and be pleased while others, like myself, might decide they want it just a tiny bit tighter. McCall's 5974 View D Ye

The Perfect Knit Dress has met its match - or - McCalls 5974 review

Move over McCall's 5752 . There's a new "perfect knit dress" kid in town and she's called McCall's 5974 . Back in November I gave McCall's 5752 a "two thumbs up" and said it was indeed the perfect knit dress. But after sewing both view B and view D from this new pattern (McCall's 5974), I must say, it is now the reigning champ. I sewed view D first - the v-neck with the big wrap tie - and it's fantabulistic. I then moved onto view B so I could compare the two. Another winner. ( But just between us? I like the one with the tie belt the best.) Tonight's review is for view B. It is the black dress on the cover of the envelope. (photo from ) The entire dress took less than three hours, including altering the pattern, cutting it out, sewing the dress and taking photographs. Instruction sheet The pattern instruction sheet is well written and detailed. It is sprinkled through out with Designer Tips and Pro Tips to hel