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A Video Tour of my Sewing Space

If you're like me, you enjoy viewing where others create. You know, seeing where the magic takes place! Since I like viewing those YouTube videos where others have so generously shared their space, I wanted to give back and share my space with the sewing world. For many, many years I sewed out of a corner of a dining room or bedroom.  I stored fabric on a rolling cart (probably designed to serve cocktails or appetizers), and sewing notions in cardboard shoe boxes. I hung bobbins on nails on the wall (hmmmm, guessing the landlord wasn't too thrilled with that idea) and pinned the pattern instructions to the wall behind the machine. You make do with what you have and this sewing arrangement served me well for more than 20 years. To have an entire spare bedroom  dedicated to my craft was a dream come true. This room is larger than the spare bedroom I used in our home in Minnesota. And I have tell you - it's an amazing space. I love spending time there.       Gra