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Jungle January: The Purple Animal Top - Vogue 1261

May I present to you my first Jungle January item.     The pattern is Vogue 1261 , an out-of-print (OOP) Alice + Olivia design.  The fabric is a lightweight, semi-sheer animal print knit from Emma One Sock . I purchased the fabric about two years ago with another pattern in mind but I didn't realize from the description that it was as lightweight as it is.  The black portions of the fabric are actually semi-sheer. So I tucked it away waiting for the perfect top, and there it was all along. Vogue 1261.  In 2011 I had sewed View B (the cream one on the cover) in a lovely pink wool knit. Unfortunately the wool irritated by skin and I donated the top after wearing it twice. This time I sewed view C.  With the semi-sheer design of the knit I figured I could wear a black cami under the looser fitting top. Construction is very quick but a couple of things to note.  The ease in the body is quite generous but the lower portion of the sleeves are tight