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Prepping Vogue 8810...the FBA

Like many of you I took advantage of recent Vogue pattern sales.  Among my purchases was this versatile shirt dress pattern, Vogue 8810 . Sitting in my fabric closet was a rayon challis that screamed " Me!  I'd be perfect for that summer dress! After all,  I have yellow lemons, and the word "Paris" printed all over ." Well, knowing that I could use yellow buttons I had purchased decades ago pushed me over the edge. Colorful rayon challis with lemons and Paris it shall be! According to the pattern description - and the measurements printed on the pattern pieces - the bodice is loose-fitting. I wanted to keep as close to the intended design of the bodice as possible so I choose to do a full bust adjustment (FBA) even though I may have been able to get by without one. With no darts on the pattern piece this is how I did my FBA. Mark the bust apex. Draw a line from the apex to the side seam approximately where a dart would be. Draw a line from the