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This season's maxi dress - McCall's 6559 with an FBA

Trying to keep cool in 101 degree F My first version of the fabulous McCall's 6559 maxi dress was sewn in a hurry. You see, I was heading out of town and as the date rapidly approached I realized the temperatures were going to be quite warm where I was headed.  Hot actually - with temps predicted in the upper 90s degree F range. But the main reason I whipped it up was so I'd have something new to wear when I met the staff of Sew New s and Sew iT All magazines.  Of course,  you already knew how excited I was to meet them if you read my previous post . This knit maxi dress is so simple to sew - just a front and back sewn together at the side and shoulder seams, with the neck, arm and bottom edges turned under and stitched in place.  I made a few minor changes and was still able to complete the dress in two hours. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that I found the pattern to run large. I've mentioned it before, but I do not like tight fitting clothes.

A visit to Sew News and Sew iT All magazine offices

Can you tell by my big grin how excited I am to be in the lobby of the office where the magic of Sew News and Sew iT All magazines happens?  You can find my article on how to sew a tiered maxi skirt in the current issue of Sew News . Three of my projects are in the latest issue of Sew iT All (on newsstands as of yesterday), With the lovely Ellen March, Editor-in-Chief, who is also the host of the Sew iT All television program . She is even more delightful in person than I had imagined her to be. She is absolutely adorable. She let me peek into the Sew It All studio but I forgot to take a photo for you. I will tell you it was much smaller than I envisioned it to be. From Left: Beth Bradley, Ellen March, Sharon Madsen, Colleen Exline, Leah Rybak, Nicki LaFoille I was able to meet the entire staff. I do wish there would have been more time as each and every one of them is someone I'd love to get to know better.  We talked about weather, the Ft Collins Fire , site