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Adding an exposed zipper to the Vogue 8815 peplum top

When I was almost done sewing this easy peplum top ( Vogue 8815 ) I decided to add an exposed zipper to give it an extra design detail. Originally I was going to simply place the zipper on top of the back seam and stitch in place.  However, I wasn't sure how to finish the bottom of the zipper tape neatly, so I decided to create a boxed facing opening in which to insert the zipper. Create the zipper facing Place the zipper on the fabric right side up.  Use chalk or fabric marker pen and trace around the size and bottom zipper about 1/2" from the side edges and 1" from the bottom edge.  Cut out the facing piece.  Draw a vertical line down the center.  Draw the stitching lines on the facing.  Use your zipper as a guideline making sure the stitch lines will expose all of the zipper teeth, the bottom zipper stop, and a portion of the zipper tape. Sew the zipper facing. Place the zipper facing over the center back right sides facing aligning the center bac