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Free eBook features DIY women's dresses - from All Free Sewing

The latest eBook from the editors of , 11 Sewing Patterns for Women's Dresses & Other Pretty Projects , features two of my sewing tutorials.  Perhaps you recognize one on the cover....yep, it's my romantic strapless ruffled maxi dress .     You can find it on page 16 of the eBook.  The eBook is free and you can download a copy of the book here . This maxi dress was a lot of fun to create. I'm happy that so many of you have mentioned that you really like it and have sewn it or sewing plans are in the works.  I do enjoy seeing your project photos, so please consider sending me photos or links so I can share with everyone. By the way a variation of this dress will be available in Sew It All V. 4 magazine , scheduled to hit news stands around June 19.    It's super cute - so be sure to keep your eyes open for the magazine. *********************************************************