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The Rayon Velvet Duster Length Kimono Jacket: New Look 6467

As I sit wearing a big, comfy - and most importantly - warm sweatshirt watching the cold rain soak the ground, I wonder if Sept. 18 is too early to turn the heat on in the house.  Never mind that three days ago we had the a/c on due to the heat and humidity!  Ah yes, our unpredictable Minnesota weather. Last week I wanted to continue sewing summer garments and today I just want to sew something warm! It reminded me of this velvet kimono I sewed last winter.  I only wore it to take photographs for the blog, but never wrote the blog post.  And can we just pause for a moment while I reminisce about how much fun I had achieving my winter sun-kissed Florida vacation tan!  (Sadly, the place we stayed in at Bonita Springs had some damage from Hurricane Irma, not too much but any damage is too much, right?) Anyway.  I'm not sure why I never wore this!  I like the colors. I like the velvet. I like the 70s boho vibe. So you'd think I would have tossed it on for a date night now an