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Mistaken identity - a fabric burn test

So I began sewing the Vogue 1247 top. You know the one. It's that oh-so-popular-with-the-sewing-bloggers Rachel Comey top. The one I didn't give a second thought to until I began seeing the many positive reviews.  Then of course I just had to have one for myself.  You, of course, never allow yourself to be influenced like that, right?  Anyway,  where was I? Oh yea. I began sewing the top the other day.  Actually made pretty good progress on it in just a few hours - see? The fabric is a beautiful fiber-unknown piece that arrived in one of those Fabric Mart Fabrics mystery bundles. When it arrived I had guessed it was a polyester charmeuse, so I washed and dried it and placed it in the fabric closet. However, as I was sewing I couldn't help but wonder if what I thought was a polyester was actually silk. Only one way to find out for sure.  A fabric burn test! I grabbed swatch of fabric, a lighter and asked hubby to join me in the garage for a little burn

And it's done - the McCall's 6294 jacket

No modeling photos tonight - it's Zumba night which means I'm sitting at the computer in my workout clothes looking like I was caught in a torrential rain fall. Well, maybe not quite that bad, but believe me, when I work out I look like I worked out.   And I'm not documenting it here :-) So, let's get to it.  You want to know all about the jacket, right? The pattern is McCall's 6294 . You might think due to the length of time it took me to complete the jacket that it's a complicated design. But you'd be wrong.  I just haven't had much spare time to devote to sewing so this jacket was completed in chunks of 15 and 30 minutes time. There's some great details to the jacket. I already mentioned the lapels and shared a photo here . The back has a center back seam, princess side seams along with an angled yoke. The sleeves have elbow darts. And the entire jacket is lined. Remember I was concerned about the fit of the jacket?  Main