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Three Ruffle Aprons from Sew It All Vol 5 magazine

   Aprons and baking. They go hand in hand in my house.  I have multiple aprons and am always ready to add more to the mix.  These ruffled cuties are three versions of the In the Mix apron from the latest issue of Sew iT All magazine (Volume 5).  It's on page 108 if you happen to have the magazine. Look closely at the byline for the apron project. Yep, that's my name!  This apron is one of my projects in this issue.  This bright version was sewn to pitch the project idea to the magazine editors.  I left the ruffle edges raw but discovered they raveled more than I anticipated.  When I sewed the sample for the magazine, I lengthened the apron and hemmed the edges of the ruffles.  By the way, you can purchase a kit to sew this exact design . The kit includes the Westminster's BoHo fabric shown as well as the instructions.  My latest version was sewn using a remnant from JoAnn fabrics with the ruffles sewn from an IKEA curtain. I used black thread to serge