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Sewing up a Storm and an Update on an Interrupted Life

Hey everyone!  I sure didn't expect nearly two months to go by before I blogged again.  First of all, thank you for all of your comments, and private messages. Having that support from this lovely sewing community meant so much to me.  I do apologize for not responding to all of them. I'll explain later. Before I get to the update on my interrupted life, I want to share that I have been sewing like crazy!  Here's a collage of some of the items I've sewn since June. Some I've posted on my Instagram page ( others just in my Instagram stories. Many of the projects, especially the ones I sewed when I first returned to sewing, were very simple. I sewed pull on knit and woven tops as well as pants with flat fronts and elastic backs. I was still having difficulty raising my arms, buttoning buttons, and zipping zippers. Be ready to see a lot of blog posts as I start blogging about all of my sewing projects! Now to the upda