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Sometimes it starts with the shoes

I admit it. Some days the outfit is planned around the shoes. Today was one of those days. The brown patent leather wedges had been buried in the closet all winter and were begging for some attention. Out went the plan to wear all black with my simply stunning skirt. In it's place came a simple brown pencil skirt paired with a brown tee and classic black jacket. The skirt is from the September 2008 issue of BWOF. If I hadn't chosen to review the skirt on PatternReview I would never have read the instructions and discovered the need to add seam allowances. By the way, thanks for the great comments on seam allowances on both Burda patterns and the BWOF magazine patterns. Isn't it interesting that the Burda patterns in US markets have seam allowances while only some in Europe do? I definitely learned some new things. After wearing the skirt all day I can add a few things to my original review . Which, if you haven't read it, doesn't really include a whole lo

Whaddya mean I need to add seam allowances?!?

Did you know that the patterns in Burda World of Fashion (BWOF) magazine do not include seam allowances ? If you read my reviews on PatternReview you already know that I just found this out ! Now I've sewn from Burda patterns and those do include seam allowances. I guess I made an assumption ( tsk, tsk ) that seam allowances were included on the patterns in the magazine also. That explains why the past two skirts I sewed from BWOF were tight. Tight enough that I verified I had traced and cut out the correct size. Come to find out that I had never added seam or hem allowances ( she said as she blushed bright red ). Just goes to show that it really doesn't matter how long you've been sewing. There's always more to learn. By the way, here's a neat little tip that Kristine left for me in the comments section of the BWOF skirt I reviewed on PR: ...the easiest way to trace and add seam allowances at the same time is to take 2 pencils, putting a small piece(s) of c

Here's to the beginning of a long and happy relationship

A toast to my new obsession - Burda World of Fashion magazine. You know the other day when I vowed to " clear out the clutter " and " use it up " when it comes to my sewing projects? Well, now I must admit that I'll actually be adding just a wee bit more clutter on a regular basis to my sewing studio. That's because my sneaky, yet adorable, hubby surprised me with a subscription to Burda World of Fashion (BWOF) magazine . That's right. BWOF will now be delivered to my doorstep every month. It turns out my hubby had found an ad for BWOF that I had cut out of a magazine and realized it was the magzine that I bought monthly at Treadle Yard Goods. He took the ad, went online, wasn't sure which magazine to order, called the company and said he needed the "sewing magazine", and placed the order. No more trips to Treadle Yard Goods to pick up the latest issue ( which will help tremendously with my vow to not purchase unneeded fabric as that pl

Welcome 2009!

Thank you so much for your comments on my berry-licious wool jacket . I've already worn it once and will get a review written in the next few days with all the details. Welcome 2009 In the meantime, it's only fitting that my first post for 2009 include some goals. Like many people, I've made and broken numerous resolutions over the years. So I give myself permission to not have resolutions this year. Instead I've been thinking of things I'd like to accomplish this year. More time with family and friends There have been more times than I'd like to admit when I would much rather have been home reading a book or sewing a skirt or updating my blog than going to a social event. However, my family and friends are important to me. If I don't give of myself isn't it rather selfish of me to expect to receive? So in 2009 I'm putting my family and friends ahead of my other busy "stuff". Less computer time Over the past year I've explored and us