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A 1970s Maxi Dress - Vogue 1662 Diane von Furstenburg

I'm still loving my maxi dresses this season, specifically the two I sewed using McCall's 6559 .  My first version as a gray/white plaid ( blogged about here ) and my next was a black with huge brightly colored flowers on the front ( blogged about here ). I decided I wanted one more go-to maxi dress for the summer sewn out of another large floral print.  Call me crazy but I decided to break the mold and sew an old Diane von Furstenburg pattern I had picked up some time ago - Vogue 1662. The pattern as still factory-folded and my size - yay!   I love that the neckline on the bodice is marked as a "Decollete Neckline".  You don't typically see details like that on patterns any longer. As I was cutting the pattern pieces it occurred to me that I'd need to do an FBA on the bodice.  Rather than slash the vintage pattern apart I decided to use the bodice of McCall's 6559, which I had already altered.  I was curious how much of a difference there