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Pattern Review: McCall's 5471 princess seam blouse

This nice basic black blouse took over three weeks to complete! I'm tellin' ya - I just got too much going on in my life when a simple button front blouse takes that long to complete. I'm just hoping that I'll get a bit of wear out of before the weather turns too chilly for a 3/4 sleeve blouse. Pattern Description: McCall's 5471 princess seamed semi-fitted blouse with mock-front band, collar, collar band, shaped hem and sleeve variations. This pattern is from McCall's "Made-For-You" line of patterns with B, C, and D cup adjustments. McCall's has had that pattern line for a long time - I have a blouse pattern in my stash from about 1982 with the B, C, and D cup adjustments. For some reason they don't do as well at marketing this line as Simplicity does with their same line . Pattern Sizing: Available in (6-8-10-12-14) and (14-16-18-20). I sewed view B, with the 3/4 length bubble sleeves, using the D cup pattern pieces. Did it look like the

'50s RetroRama Returns!

RetroRama - Dive into '50s Pulp If this one is as much fun as the premiere event last spring it will be a Blast! But drat! I may miss it because of the sewing expo! Wouldn't you know it? The one year I actually register on time for sewing expo classes and something fun pops up that I'd rather attend. If I can't attend you might as well - if you're in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, check it out.

Pupdate - Abby at 17 weeks

Not much sewing going on in this house - but I have been working more on the swap. Your comments are much appreciated and I am taking the suggestion of adding some plum to offset the fuchsia. I may like this sewing with a plan stuff so much that I will participate in the official SWAP 2008 after all. I haven't been sewing, but I have been busy working with Abby. She's in her third week of puppy classes and, as my hubby says, "she is the teacher's pet!" She does behave really well in class, but it's just like your kids. They are sooo well behaved everywhere but in your own home, right? Abby is 17 weeks old today and up to 30 lbs. One of her favorite resting spots is underneath the chairs at the kitchen table. It won't be much longer and she won't be able to easily fit underneath those chairs. When she isn't resting she's busy pummeling Sophia. The tail is a favorite. We had the groomer cut most of the flags off of Sophia's tail but Abby