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One Yard Wonders planner sleeve

One Yard Wonders planner sleeve Originally uploaded by Sharon Sews My second project from the newly released One Yard Wonders book. I have not yet received my comp copy from the publisher ( we've been assured they're on their way...apparently you all have made this book a very popular item! ) but I did purchase a copy that I plan to give as a gift. The nice spiral binding means I could peek at the book, and even sew a project or two, without it appearing that the book was used. Unless, of course, the intended recipient is reading this blog. In that case, well, sorry! Anyway, the second project I choose was this planner sleeve. Even though I don't own a planner. I figured it would be a good way to carry my camera with me when I'm snoop shopping ... much more stylish than the plastic sandwich bag I currently carry it in wouldn't you say? But maybe I'll use it to carry a small notebook and pen as suggested in the book. .I don't know about you, but it se

I think I'm in love - or - why did I wait so long to sew this Burda dress?

Isn't it fabulous? The draping and the shaping add up to one stunningly sexy dress. This is one of those sewing projects that you try on and go " wow...this looks good ." The dress is #103 from the February 2008 issue of Burda World of Fashion. As soon as I saw it in the magazine I knew I wanted to sew one for myself. In fact, I traced the pattern pieces within days of receiving the magazine. And promptly stuffed them into an envelope to await just the right piece of fabric. I wasn't the only one enthralled with the dress, and reviews for the dress (called the "Tippi Hedren" dress) started popping up over at Pattern Review . One thing some of the reviewers noted was the confusing directions for sewing the twist drape front portion of the dress. Not too surprising considering BWOF is known for their lack of clear sewing instructions. As I was searching my patterns recently for a dress to sew with one of the knits I purchased during my recent 45-minute ma