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McCall's 8180 ~ Big Collar Button Front Shirt

Once the 80s oversized collar trend left I swore I'd never wear it again.  I resisted when I started seeing the big collar hit the runways and online stores. Yet here I am today wearing a big collar shirt and I'll admit (sheepishly) that I like it.  The pattern I used is McCall's 8180, which has no description printed on the pattern envelop. However, there is one included on the website: Misses' peter pan ruffled, collared blouses with short & long sleeves. View A: ruffled collar. View B & C: large collar. McCall's 8180 Sewing Pattern Cover from somethingdelightful dot com I purchased the pattern to use as a starting point for a top I had seen online that I wanted to recreate. Here's a screen shot (I have no idea why I didn't save the information regarding where I found it so I could get more details regarding fabric, etc. ) I also saw this top that is so close to view C of this pattern.  I do like when I can sew a designer look with an existing pat