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Satruday sewing or can I whip up a dress today to wear tonight

How can it be that the wedding we were invited to way back when is tonight? And I still don't know what to wear... I hit a few stores on my way home from work last night thinking I could pick up a dress. Can I just say " Am I ever glad that I know how to sew ". There was just so little to choose from and what was there was kinda ugly. At least where I was. So here's the dilemma: Do I go to Mall of America and spend a few hours hoping to find a dress to wear tonight? Fortunately , the MOA is close so I wouldn't need to spend much time driving, but who knows what's available. or d o I spend a the day sewing a dress and hope I don't run into any sewing snafus? Fortunately I have plenty of patterns and fabric to choose from if I decide to sew a dress. I'm actually thinking of whipping up the new Palmer/Pletsch knit dress pattern ( McCall's 5752 ) Unfortunately I have to spend a few hours working this morning so no matter which I choose I can'

Tweet, tweet or do sewers Twitter?

Over the course of the past year, every communications and marketing conference I've attended has had some breakout session on social media and specifically Twitter. They (the presenters) keep saying that businesses should have a presence on Twitter, but I'm not convinced yet. I certainly see the social aspect, but I'm still trying to discover the business marketing value. Figuring that I should probably check it out, I signed up the other day. After all, if I'm supposed to be knowledgeable about all of these social media communication tools I should at least have an idea what they're about, right? A little bit of time has been spent the past few days exploring the world of Twitter. I started by visiting a bloggy friend's Twitter profile and following a few people I recognized from the list she was following. Then I started to receive a notice or two that someone was following me. Of course my curiosity got the best of me and I had to view the profiles of those

Vintage Vogue 2401 - the pattern review

I'm certain you're all eager to sew your own version now that you've seen the dress in action, so let me tell you what to expect when you undertake this project.   First of all the pattern, Vogue 2401 ,  was issued in 2001. It must still be selling well or it would have been pulled from the catalogs. However, you never know so if you're thinking about it, I'd pick it up before it becomes OOP.  I felt so feminine and flirty wearing it and actually felt myself standing taller and sitting demurely with ankles crossed. Well, standing taller might have had something to do with the fact that the other three were a bit taller than me... Sewing the dress   This is an interesting dress to sew. The pattern is rated Average but I found it a bit time consuming and somewhat challenging where the side front/front bodice/sleeves/waist ties are sewn together.   My advice to you? Be patient if you're not an experienced sewer and just follow the instructions me, the pie

The film festival photos or Vogue 2401 on a real person

The photos: Three tall blonds and one short brunette Three sisters on stage sitting on fabulous blue retro chairs Three sisters behind the retro bar on stage. Don't you just love all the pink vintage accessories? Closeup of the 50s and 60s vintage wear The event: We weren't real sure exactly what we had agreed to do when we said we'd show up wearing our vintage finery. Turns out we were able to act as hostesses before the event began, mingle around the bar on stage while everyone entered the auditorium, and then escort the winner to the stage. Fun huh? Well, for the most part. We weren't sure about the set up and were sitting in the front on one side of the auditorium. it ended up begin really difficult to escort a winner if they happened to be sitting on the other side of the auditorium. We tried, we really did. We missed one completely because they came forward so quickly. It was the grand prize winner - and honestly, if I just found out my film had won $10,000 I&#

Okay, am I the only Bette in sewing blogland?

I finally got around to doing the Are You a Jackie or a Marilyn quiz . I know I'm weeks behind everyone else, but then I've also been late to jump on the Mad-Men wagon. I mean, I've only recently discovered the show and as much as I enjoy it I usually forget to when it's on so I miss it. I must say I've enjoyed seeing your results on your blogs. I've seen lots of Katharines, a few Doris Days, an Ingrid and a Joan, but where are the other Bettes? Oh well, it would be fun to be a Katharine, but I am what I am ... and I am a Bette :-) You are a Bette -- "I must be strong" Bettes are direct, self-reliant, self-confident, and protective. How to Get Along with Me * Stand up for yourself... and me. * Be confident, strong, and direct. * Don't gossip about me or betray my trust. * Be vulnerable and share your feelings. See and acknowledge my tender, vulnerable side. * Give me space to be alone. * Acknowledge the contributions I m

Vogue 2401 - the 50s era vintage dress pattern is done

Vintage Vogue 2401 in Red Originally uploaded by Sharon Sews Done! I switched tracks and decided to finish the red dress I had began a few years ago. It's Vogue 2401 , c. 2001, a 1952 vintage pattern reissued by Vogue. The dress was originally set aside because I was having difficulty with the underarm/gusset area. Once I revisited it, it turns out I had been trying to put the wrong pieces together. No wonder it wouldn't work! Any way, the dress had been cut too large because I've dropped a few pounds since 2006. I modified as much as I could since a few key pieces had already been sewn together. While it's not my best work, nor the best fit, the overall look works. To complete the look I have faux three-strand pearls as well as white gloves and a black clutch and pumps to complete the look. Plus, I'll have a chance to wear one of my vintage fur stoles since it will definitely cool off this evening after the sun sets. A pattern review will follow in a day or so a