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Warehouse fabric shopping - the loot

As I mentioned in my previous post this past weekend I managed to stop by SR Harris for some fabric shopping. In less than two hours I managed to fill two large plastic bags - think garbage bag large - with fabrics and trims. To begin I browsed the silks hoping against hope to find some silk jersey. I have yet to find silk jersey there but one never knows right? I did however purchase two beautiful burn out silks that I plan to sew into infinity scarves. I then wandered to the knit aisle and piled bolts into my cart. I've learned from years of shopping here that if you see something, even if you're not sure, you put it in your cart. If you try and go back sometimes you just can't locate it again or someone else has it in their cart. From my selections I ended up cutting and purchasing two sweater knits. I just can't help but think " Chesire cat " when I look at the gray and black stripe but that fabric is oh so cuddly soft. I'm sure it's acrylic

Weekend fun - a visit to the fabric warehouse

Yep. This weekend was my annual trip to the infamous SR Harris Fabric Outlet . It doesn't look like much from the outside does it? But boy, oh boy, when you walk inside you're in fabric heaven. Rows and rows and rows of heavy duty shelving packed tightly with bolts and bolts and bolts of fabric, all 50 percent off the marked price. Knit, Lycra, Silk, Wool, Cotton, Rayon, Faux Fur. You name it they probably got it. Except silk jersey, which is one thing I was specifically looking for. This is just the row of knit fabrics. Just the cotton and jersey knits. There's another row for lycra and lycra blends. One never knows what oddity might be buried among the treasures. See what I mean? What would YOU do with this printed knit? This is the place where you measure and cut your own fabric and trim, with some exceptions. Employees cut all silks, some trims and anything over five yards. I do miss the days when I lived close enough to pop in weekly just to browse. But I do know m