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How to throw away $100 in less than five minutes

I bet you're wondering what that big white blob is on the bottom of my iron. Go ahead. Take a guess. Oh, okay. I'll just tell you. That, dear readers, is melted plastic from the base of my Rowenta steamer. It would appear that if you do not place the iron directly onto the metal plate the iron will melt a nice big hole in the base. Don't believe me? See for yourself. Oh honestly, I was just sick when I saw what I had done - I mean, how dumb can I be? I've used a steamer for years and years and years. In fact, this was my replacement version that I've only owned for six months. I was tickled pink when I found it at Tuesday Morning for just under $100. I don't know if the outer case is critical to the steam or if it only protects the tank inside as I haven't gone back into the sewing room today after cleaning up this mess. Apparently I'm still a bit distracted. I really shouldn't be as my son continues to do well. He went back home a few weeks a