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Cover your eyes! Bright color ahead.

I don't know what possessed me to purchase - and proceed to sew - this ultra bright green lightweight wool. I hate green. Well, hate might be a bit too strong of a word. It's not that I really hate the color green. I think green is a lovely color. It works beautifully on my lawn. And it frames the flowers in my garden quite nicely. It even looks fabulous surrounded by luscious red tomatoes in my salad bowl. It just doesn't look good on me. Which is why I've avoided wearing and sewing green for many, many years. Possibly since I sewed this jumpsuit back in 9th grade. And even then I only choose green because green and white were the school colors. So you might be wondering what ever led me to purchase a yard of bright green fabric from Fabric Mart Fabrics this past spring? It's simple. It was still rather drab outside and I was seduced by visions of a brightly colored spring wardrobe, complete with a bright green pencil skirt. But the sewing didn't happen u

Handkerchief hems and side drapes - Vogue 8651

Handkerchief hems and side drapes. You either love 'em or hate 'em. I'm in the love 'em camp. Oh I'll admit that I wasn't at first. I found them a bit odd looking. Until I purchased a top with that hemline treatment. It's one of the most flattering knit tops I own. And trendy. Especially considering the fact that the entire neckline is embellished with a zipper. Two trends in one. That's why I'm wearing the heck out of it this season. I doubt the dual zipper neckline/handkerchief side drape hem trend can be worn for too long. Anyway, soon after purchasing above mentioned top, Vogue released a pattern for a knit top (number 8651 ) with a handkerchief hem. Perfect. Now I could sew another one to kick around in. Except when I was shopping with my daughter she found a top like this one that she really liked but it was sleeveless and she prefers some type of sleeve. Mom to the rescue! I quickly offered to sew one for her knowing I had both fabric an