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In progress - Sandra Betzina's last cowl neck knit top, Vogue 1197

Not feelin' the love on this one. I should be, after all it has three elements I look for in a casual wear-with-my-jeans-on-the-weekend top: 1) It's a knit 2) It has a scoop or v-neckline. This one has a cowl with is even better. 3) It has shoulder/sleeve interest Like I said, it's not working out too well. A photo of the top in progress: Here's my analysis: 1) It's a raglan style. Not a good look in a knit top for someone with my body shape (narrow shoulder combined with large bust). 2) The sleeve shirring is not visually widening the shoulder area as much as I thought it would. 3) It's difficult to see in the line drawings, but I found this to be rather boxy in shape. So far I took the side seams in by almost an inch each. I now find that I'll need to sew a shaped seam in the back and remove a lot of fabric - 6" inches or so - around the waist line to get more of the shape I'd like. 4) The instructions provided for the sleeve shirring didn't

How to Sew an Adorable Child's PickUp Skirt - Two Looks in One and no pattern needed

Two skirts in one! And oh sew simple to sew. I'll show you how... First, gather your supplies 2/3 to 5/8 yard 44" wide fabric for the under skirt 2/3 to 5/8 yard 44" wide fabric for the upper skirt 1/8 yard 44" wide fabric for the yoke 1/2" to 5/8" wide elastic to fit your child's waist 46" of trim (optional) 24 snaps Matching thread Be sure to choose a fabric that is fairly soft and drapes well or your pickups won't look very nice. My sample is sewn from baby wale corduroy purchased last week at Joann Fabrics . Perfect for fall weather! Draw your pattern - this sample is approx. a size 4. The finished skirt measures approximately 12-1/2" from waist to hem. Bottom skirt pattern (shown in the top of the photo): Draw a line 18" long on top Beginning at that center mark, make a mark in the center, at 9" Draw a vertical line 12" long Draw a line 24" long on bottom being sure to center the line Connect the top and bott