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Here's my fave pj pattern - what's yours?

Over the years I've sewn more children's pajamas, nightgowns and bathrobes than I can probably count. They're simple to sew, easy to fit, and never fail to delight the child that is the recipient of the new bedtime wear. Last year, when we decided all nieces and nephews would receive pajamas lovingly sewn by my hands, I realized that I didn't actually have a pajama pattern on hand in the sizes I needed. A quick trip to the fabric store to browse through the pattern catalogs resulted in the purchase of my new favorite kid's pajama pattern - New Look 6746 . All of the sizes I needed were in one envelope (sizes 3 to 8) and it included a version for both a boy and a girl. I especially liked the pants in this pattern as they do not include a side seam making them super simple and super fast to sew. You could sew pajama pants with this pattern and pick up a coordinating tee-shirt and be done with your gift in no time! The boy's top is a traditional button front

The flannel factory is open once again

When you see a stack of flannel in my sewing studio you can be sure it's because the flannel factory has opened for its annual production of pajamas for the nieces and nephews. While I've begun production only a few days earlier than last year , the number of pajama sets decreased from eight to six. That's because two of the flannel PJ recipients from last year will be receiving little aprons with art supplies instead. In between sewing Christmas gifts, planning for the next Sweet Monday on Tuesday as well as the next children's sermon, decorating the house, and hosting the annual family cookie bake day (oh yea, and I can't forget the job), you'll notice sporadic blog postings for the next few weeks.