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The 100 Skirt Project - "I've Got a Secret"

Are you all aware of Charity's 100 skirt project? If not, click here and you can read through all of her posts on the subject. I love her idea and am thrilled that she was willing to have others help with the sewing. My first contribution is a girl's size 12 skirt, "I"ve Got a Secret". No pattern was needed as it's just a simple a-line skirt with an elastic waist. I referenced an old Simplicity Sewing for Children book to determine what the waist size should be. The skirt is sewn from two coordinating fabrics that are medium weight - almost like a twill - with great big pockets on the front. I played with the layout of the stripes on the pockets and didn't even realize until I took the photos that one pocket is vertical and the other is horizontal. I think I'll call that a design element! The pockets have a small fold over flap that is sewn in place by machine. To disguise the machine stitches a fabric yo-yo and button were sewn at the corner

Creamsicles and purple cows

This darling apron arrived on my doorstep the other day - a gift from Gaylen . Wasn't that sweet of her? When she announced she was participating in the sassy apron swap, and I lamented that I had missed the deadline, she offered to sew up a second sassy apron and send it my way. The colors are yummy! Makes you crave an orange creamsicle doesn't it? Maybe I'll wear this apron and make my own orange dreamsicle bars (recipe here ). Or maybe I'll just flip it over and whip up a purple cow . No matter which I choose I'll look sassy in my new apron. Thanks Gaylen! Now if the weather would only warm up long enough to actually enjoy some ice-cream...