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Shimmery Silver Asymmetrical Top - McCall's 6797

Another one!   Yea, I know, this is old news if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook as I already posted this pic.   McCall's Patterns 6797 from a gorgeous silver knit from Mood Designer Fabrics is done!  I had plans to wear sew and wear this to a dinner event my husband's company had the end of January, but sooooo many other responsibilities kept me away from my sewing machine.  Instead I wore  - gasp! - a purchased dress!  Super cute by the way - a beautiful purple cowl neck knit dress (label Lauren {Ralph Lauren})  Now you KNOW it killed me to spend $70 on a knit dress, but I gotta tell you it's very well made.  You know many of us often wonder why there are darts in some of our knit patterns, but this dress had a darted bodice underneath the cowl and it really helped with the fit.  Even so,  $70 - ugh. Anyway, back to this fabulous top. This pattern is that fabulous asymmetrical knit top design from Palmer/Pletsch that I blogged about here .