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Fall, fleece and finishing old projects - Simplicity 9822

There's something about the fall weather that leads me to two things: baking and decluttering.  At first glance they don't seem to go together do they? But I think it's about nesting. Getting ready to spend more time indoors as the weather cools down. As I was decluttering I found this poncho pattern and fabric tucked on the top shelf of a closet. Already cut out and ready to go. So what to do, what to do... Do I place it back in the closet? Do I toss it into the donation pile? Do I take the time to sew the poncho? Sewing won. I began about 10 am and less than two hours later I had myself a fleece poncho. Well, actually it's my daughters. I remembered when I pulled it out of the closet that I had promised to sew this for her.  Oops - better late than never, right? There are only three pattern pieces. The body of the poncho, the hood and the facing. With fleece sometimes things shift on me so I pinned the edges of the facing to the wrong side. The f

Finishing a long-forgotten top - Burda 11-2008-114

I figured it was about time I finished sewing this top -#114- from the November 2008 issue of Burda.  It's a simple over-blouse with tiny neck pleats, 3/4 length sleeves and an elasticized waistline. Looks quite fetching in the photo doesn't it? I choose a sheer silk hoping to get the same romantic feel as the top in the magazine.  Many of you might even recognize the fabric as it was one of the Anna Sui silks offered by . After having this cut  out for almost two years it's finally finished. But I find it a bit blah. Soooooo, I'm playing around a bit pinning various pieces of trim to the front. What do you think of the addition of an applique to the center front? *******************************************************

Antique shopping on a lazy afternoon

I stumbled upon a large stack of vintage greeting cards while doing a little antique shopping on a crisp Saturday afternoon. Among the stack were these adorable late 40s baby cards congratulating new parents on the arrival of their baby. Aren't they sweet? ************************************************